New cooperation of MAYAH and nacamar

7/11/2018, Airport Munich, Hallbergmoos - MAYAH and nacamar are announcing a new cooperation for the development of novel technologies in the area of radio audio streaming. For this purpose, MAYAH will integrate nacamar's Ybrid technology into its encoder devices. The goal of this cooperation is to make content streaming better for the radio broadcaster as well as more convenient and modern for the listener. The transmission of the audio stream and metadata to the content delivery network (CDN) Ybrid will be performed by the new MAYAH encoders ANDROMEDA, Sirrah and GeMINI. From there it will be available to the customer. "Convenience" for the broadcaster and listener is the definitive goal of this cooperation. Luckily, such cutting edge technology is a perfect fit for the new MAYAH encoders.

With it, all the advantages that customers have come to expect from on-demand music streaming can soon be enjoyed by radio listeners as well. The listener will be able to enjoy the greatest possible freedom, thanks to a large breadth of supported bitrates, personalizes advertisement, regionalized weather and news reports and most importantly the choice between different pieces of content within the same stream. The control by the user will simply be handled via an app, but all sorts of end devices will be supported, up to and including simple wifi radios for the kitchen. In this the developers at nacamar profit from the experiences they have made during the development of SWOP for RTL Radio and SOHARD. That was the first time the Ybrid platform by nacamar saw large-scale use.

MAYAH and nacamar are happy to receive the chance to combine their strengths in this way. This will offer broadcasters and listeners a never before seen quality, freedom and convenience. This cooperation will significantly broaden the possibilities of broadcast streaming, thanks to these two pioneers of their fields.

Detlef Wiese, CEO of MAYAH:
"We at MAYAH place emphasis on the convenient and intuitive control of our devices. However, up until now this often only benefited the professional users. With this cooperation we can bring convenience both to the professional broadcaster as well as the listener. We are happy to be able to further improve this aspect together with nacamar since we see great potential for more innovation and significant growth."

Sebastian A. Weiß, CTO of nacamar:
"I am glad that with MAYAH we found another major partner in the audio industry. MAYAH shares our vision that IP audio will firmly establish itself as the third distribution method. The ongoing professionalization of the technology is only a partial aspect with this. We will continue to sound out new ways to use this distribution method to offer never before seen ways to interact with audio content to the consumer. By integrating MAYAH products into Ybrid we will allow our customers an easy interface into this new world of broadcasting."

MAYAH Communications GmbH
MAYAH Communications is a world-renowned manufacturer and developer of hardware audio codecs for the high quality transmission of audio. The company has its headquarter in Munich, Germany. Our customers are international, ranging from radio and television broadcasters, to recording studios, reporters, commentators, voice actors and others. For a few years now, our customer base also includes organizations in the security sector.
MAYAH offers a variety of different audio transmission solutions. The core of our products are our selection of audio codecs, but MAYAH also offers software apps for mobile audio transmission as well as cloud-based solutions and SIP server access.

The nacamar GmbH is the leading provider of audio-over-IP platforms in the radio segment in Germany via its AddRadio solution. AddRadio is used by over 150 public and private radio channels and delivers over 130 million hours of radio content a month.

Since 2007 nacamar belongs to the ecotel communication AG, which is listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The company has its headquarters in Düsseldorf and currently employs around 270 employees together with its subsidiaries.

Detlef Wiese and Sebastian A. Weiß