GeMINI Studio

World’s Smallest Audio Codec with 8 In/Out Analog and Digital

Now with Dashboard and FLAC

GeMINI Studio is small and big at the same time. With ½ 19” and 1U it offers more than any other: 8 channels in and out simultaneously, analog and AES/EBU on board.

Besides OPUS, FLAC and AES67, it it a universal audio codec transmission system connecting classic codec applications with routing, mixing, recording and live requirements. Small compared with ANdromeda and huge compared with all classical audio codecs. Integration into broadcast and studio workflows is one of the prerequsites for MAYAH to further develop audio codec devices. The added value is more integration, such as e.g. logging and conversion into the main process at the operational level.


Dashboard and PIPE concept

for piece of cake control


Based on the most modern tools, the remote control of GeMINI Studio supports not only a Dashboard but even the new MAYAH invention, the PIPE-concept as well as extensive phone book and user settings, user management and more.

The pipe concepts takes the idea of simple drag-and-drop controls and applies it to the setup of audio transmission. Using the WebRemote is now easier, more intuitive and simply more fun than ever before. The pipe concepts also simplifies the display of multiple connections, allowing the user to conveniently monitor multiple connections at once in great detail. more...

The advantages of the WebRemote include:

  1. Simple drag-and-drop controls. Creating and editing a pipe is quick, easy and intuitive.
  2. Everything in one menu. Instead of navigating half a dozen menus and submenus to set up your connections, everything will be done from a single menu screen in just a few moments.
  3. Monitoring multiple connections at once over a single screen. Errors and connection difficulties are displayed directly in the pipes, including tips for resolving any issues.
  4. Naming and search functionality. Quickly find specific pipes and enjoy easier navigating and organizing of multiple connections.
  5. Faster processing and better responsiveness. Better and faster set up, monitoring and control of your connections.


Low Power consumption

say goodbye to forced cooling

low consumption

One of the key prerequisites for machine room devices is the power consumption. Not just economic aspect, also the need for forced cooling shall be removed, having modern devices with much less susceptibility for errors.

The GeMINI Studio will be offered in two variations:

  • 1/2 19“ 1 UHigh for most economic space requirements and external PSU.
  • Full 19“ 1UHigh with redundant PSUs for high reliability.



most modern audio coding formats


OPUS, FLAC, AES67 , AAC HE and all other available audio coding formats can be used for transmissions and also for simultaneous recording or converting. ANDROMEDA also supports use as answering machine, conference machine, logging and many other applications.

RTP, RTSP, SIP and other protocols are all supported as well. With AES67 the Andromeda is docking to Axia Livewire, Dante and Ravenna and offers plug and play compatibility.

OPUS: A hybrid audio coding format, flexible and adaptive.
AES67: IP Layer 3 driven, it offers highest quality and low latency.
FLAC: Mathematically lossless coding format
AAC HE: A globally accepted MPEG, excellent even at very low bitrates.

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Radio and Studio applications

Connect your reporter, get your voice-over


While radio needs to connect to reporters and commentators, production studios need to establish the way to voice-overs and speakers. GeMINI Studio is the optimum device to bring them all together - in high quality and robustness of transmission characteristics.

The backup and gateway options for the GeMINI Studio go far beyond those of other models due to the number of channels and the available computational power: 8 independent channels, which may result in four or eight sub codecs depending on either mono or stereo modes, are available for any backup or gateway scenario.

A variety of broadcast participants, whether journalists, scouts, traffic reporters or others may require extensive answering machine functionality. For instance using MOBIPhone to call a GeMINI Studio in HQ answering machine mode. Similar to the extensive answering machine feature, the logging application provides more expansive functionality as far as time and events are concerned. It is also possible to divide the long logging recordings into parts. In addition, it can be supported by an encryption method for security reasons. Only authorized people with the appropriate code are able to read the data.